MiniMax VLM Oscillating Pad Floor Cleaner

Why do I want a rotary MiniMax and not an OP machine?

So many reasons. Durability – as our motor spins in a precise balanced rotation, not the unbalance rotation of an OP unit. So balanced, items run much smoother, quieter and will last longer. This means less noise for your customers and you, no vibration and shaking depending on the OP model that can be fatiguing, and can be disturbing to people under you while cleaning the second floor or higher in the building you’re servicing.

While the rotary requires a little more operator input, you’re rewarded with complete freedom of movement in any direction and this increases your cleaning speed. The OP requires you to move forward and then back. When you pull back you have a cord to trip over. That gets old very fast. With the MiniMax you work your way away from the outlet and this reduces or eliminates having to constantly move the cord out of your path.

The OP does not use a gearbox and is therefore weak on torque. This is why their motors hang off of the main frame and requires wheels to push and pull the machine. This also means in most cases, the OP has less head weight and this means less push into the bonnet, brush or pad. The deeper I can reach the better I can clean!

The OP also has fewer options for bonnets and cannot use a brush on the carpet due to the weak torque of that style of machine. You are limited to a center stitched bonnet or single layer bonnet. The 1.5 hp high torque of the MiniMax always the use of any bonnet in the market place, any carpet safe brush or encapsulation pad and even the use of the high performance Multii Brush from Bonnet Pro! Why limit yourself? Cleaners who demand the best choose MiniMax!

MiniMax UltraGlide Benefits

MiniMax UltraGlide OP Machine
Smooth & Quiet Rough motion is louder & can produce an issue with floor noise under the floor you’re cleaning
Deeper cleaning with Multi Brush No
Various brush options But not on carpet
Better head weight Half the head weight of the MiniMax on average
Removable storage No
Hospital-grade plugs No
Locking power cord No
Can use any type of bonnet No
Can use brush on carpet No
Satellite spray system No
Can use multiple brush types No
Durable aluminum plate construction No
Premium laminated reflective decals No
Pre-filter for pump No
Never Spill System No
Tool-less quick change tips No
Dripless tips No
Comes with 2 tips No
Vertical and horizontal spray options No
Cooling fin on pump No
SS hardware Some
Nylon insert locking nut Some
Can operate in bi-directional modes No
Pump runs in continuous or momentary modes No
Robotic stair climbing wheel option No
Bumper wheels No
Can clean wheels up or down No
Illuminated diagnostics power cords No
Gentle on bonnets Fewer bonnet choices + harder on bonnets = shorter bonnet life

Why do other brands cost up to $6,500 and offer so many fewer options and benefits? 
The MiniMax UltraGlide starts at $4,495 and delivers deeper cleaning, faster job times and more value. 

MiniMax Filthy Bonnets – Full Version

Multii Brush for Deep Cleaning

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