MiniMax Ultra Glide

— The no-compromise, heavy duty, carpet and floor cleaning machines

VLM carpet machine

MiniMax Ultra Glide

— The no-compromise, heavy duty, carpet and floor cleaning machines

See full product description of components and machine benefits and even a cleaning job with amazing results.

This is a must-see video.

See full product description of components and machine benefits and even a cleaning job with amazing results.

This is a must-see video.

Full product benefits & features
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What makes the MiniMax so Special?
Do I need a Never Spill Feature?
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Why use a Rotary, not an OP machine?
Benefits of Rotary vs. OP

Thank you, Bonnet Pro, for a well-designed rotary floor machine. I’ve been an orbital pad capper . Since my Minimax investment, I am a rotary pad capper. I like the well balanced handling – the scrubbing either moving forward or swing scrubbing. A quiet machine for working above apartments or offices. No more complaints. It is built and looks like a Mercedes and a great addition to my business. Hard earned money well spent.

Peter Breen, All Seasons Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Inc.

This is one of the top quality machines out there with so many features. The sprayer in front does an amazing job. The carrying cart is really wonderful. And I can’t say enough about the Satellite Spray System. It’s all top notch quality! It’s an investment and is well worth the money!

Dave Jones, Founder of Jones Multi Net

Spray Tips – Forward Motion Cleaning

rotary carpet cleaning machines

Your MiniMax comes with 2 spray tips and a built-in tip holder. With a twist of the hand, you can change the tips in seconds to change the spray from horizontal to vertical, for forward or swing cleaning, plus the tip size, for more or less cleaning solution depending on the need. This is an included feature on all MiniMax UltraGlide or Terminator Special Edition units. 

Video does not show the NEW extra tip mount built into all units with a spray system. Red machine shows optional Power Prespray System.

Never Spill Feature

The exclusive John K designed Never Spill Feature has been a customer favorite. No matter what position the handle or machine is in to clean, stored or even in the laid back, the position of the jug is always up and Never Spills.

Robotic Stair Climbing Wheels

The Robotic Stair Climbing Wheels are like nothing else on any cleaning machine. They offer more machine stability so it won’t tip over. The entire assembly rotates to climb stairs and can even spin forward and sideways at the same time! Nothing is more maneuverable or helpful for moving your machine from the van into your client’s location. These wheels are standard and only available on the Terminator Edition.

Satellite Power Prespray System

This option on your MiniMax (standard on the Terminator Edition) allows you to spray up to a 60 foot radius around your MiniMax to prespray or spot, pretreat steps or upholstery, apply Guardian Protector and more. Simply plug it in and the incredibly handy feature allows you more versatility over any other machine of this type ever created.

Removable Storage Caddy

This handy option allows you to hold extra bonnets or spotters and even a water jug for the machine’s operator. With the pull of a pin, you can add or remove the storage caddy in just seconds. 

Multii Brush for Deep Cleaning

The Multii Brush pad drive with over 9,000 scrubbing bristles replaces your current pad drive.  This interchangeable brush and bonnet system allows you to deep scrub and restore commercial and residential length carpet. It’s like running a CRB and bonnet at the same time but you only do 1 step not 2!

MiniMax American made bonnet machine

why choose the MiniMax Ultraglide?

The MiniMax Ultraglide is the pinnacle of low moisture carpet cleaning equipment and
the Never Spill exclusive feature is a John K. design.

The MiniMax VLM carpet machine is built like nothing else. We use a 5052 marine grade aluminum plate that is welded, not a weaker casting. Our bonnet machines and floor scrubbers all use Stainless Steel hardware and nylon insert nuts for better longevity. The MiniMax Carpet Encapsulation Machine uses the best-in-class Shurflo pump for applying your encapsulation cleaner. When you see our industry leading features like the Never Spill Solution Tank Holder, Removable Storage Caddy, the easy-connect Satellite Power Prespray System and quick change tool-less low drift spray tips that allow for vertical and horizontal cleaning, you’ll quickly see why MiniMax is the best rotary carpet cleaning machine ever designed. Plus, it’s American designed and manufactured!


  • New 1.5 hp 175 r.p.m. Ultra quiet high torqued motor that operates at only 55 db. No load.

  • Exclusive never spill feature always keeps your removable solution 2.5 gallon jug & bonnet cradle in the upright position

  • No need to put handle in upright position to change bonnets, just lay it back. A real time saver!
  • Lower center of gravity noticeably reduces handle weight
  • 2 lift handles that also serve as tie-down points for transportation

  • Ultra smooth 8″ non-marking wheels with precision-sealed bearings on a wide axel for improved stability, maneuverability and stair climbing

  • Cleanable inline solution filter protects best in class Shurflo pump

  • Custom illuminated plugs for pump and motor help with diagnostics

  • Our exclusive handle with solid SS handle support gives your machine a rock solid feel. The handle does not wiggle and the solid feel means faster machine responses to operator input.

  • Our pump switch operates in 2 modes – Continuous On or Momentary, for great solution control.

  • 3 SS axles, all SS hardware with SS insert nuts

  • Machine weight only 107 pounds including pad drive – cord removed

  • Super extension cord with Qwik Lock Electrical contacts using highly conducting Beryllium-Copper alloy
  • Locking mechanism made of hard brass spring loaded. With hospital plug on 50 foot safety yellow cord
  • 5052 Marine Grade Aluminum chassis reduces pounds of weight and will never rust!

  • Premium reflective decals with 2mm protective laminate

I purchased the 1st generation MiniMax several years ago and after purchasing two op machines I went back to using only the MiniMax.  Just can’t beat the speed and the ability to point the machine in any direction I want to clean.  I also love that I can use any pad on this machine and no worries about tip blooming no matter what I choose.  I just purchased the new 3rd generation Mini and have been using it for a couple of weeks now and all I can say is, “I love this machine!”.

Jack Smith, Carpet Masters

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