MiniMax Carpet Encap Machine

What Makes the Mini So Special?

The MiniMax comes after a large machine I invented called the CarpetMax. A twin head traction driven carpet cleaning machine with a 15-gallon tank that could clean over 10,000 feet per hour. Before that was the ride on BCR. I have been cleaning and inventing since I was a teen. I still clean and have been testing the new MiniMax Ultra Glide since April of 2022 at my commercial customers’ locations. I made this machine for you exactly the way I wanted it for myself. High-quality components like rustless, light aluminum, Stainless Steel, the best pump I could buy and if I could not buy the component I wanted, I had it made like the 12 gauge Qwik Lock extension cord with a hospital grade plug on the other end. Sure it’s expensive, but it’s also the best. Nobody I know have has ever used hospital grade plugs (the Mini has 2) on a carpet cleaning machine. This is just a small example of my passion to make the best rotary carpet cleaning machine that has ever been made. Why? Because our work is hard and true professionals want the best tools to increase productivity with decreased down time, all the while impressing the clients with the results.

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MiniMax Rotary Carpet Cleaning Machines

Do I need the Never Spill feature?

Yes, you do.

I invented and designed this so that the center of gravity would be lower, so the jug would never spill no matter what position the handle or machine is in. You don’t need to raise the handle for pad changes, just lay the MiniMax back – this saves time. And when you need to refill the unit just remove the 2.5-gallon jug and fill it. You no longer have to wrap up the cord and take the entire machine. You also don’t have to worry about filling and spilling with a shampoo tank. The Never Spill is just smarter and better for you, the professional cleaner.

Commercial VLM Carpet Cleaning Machine

How much can I earn with a MiniMax?

The answer will in part depend upon the complexity of the area you are cleaning. Am I in a hallway or a office space or a wide open meeting room in a convention center? The next piece of the puzzle is the soil load on the carpet and the quality of your chemicals. Your Geographic area will also play a factor.

Let’s look at a couple of examples

Example 1:
Let’s say I am able to clean only 1,000 sf per hour and I’m charging 15 cents per foot. This would = $150 per hour.

Example 2:
I’m in a hallway and can clean 1800 sf per hour at a charge of 20 cents per foot = $360 per hour.

Example 3:
10 cents per foot at 2,000 sf per hour = $200 per hour

I teach people to be healthy in your cleaning business you should be getting $150 to $250 per hour. Every job will be a little different so when you calculate the square footage to be cleaned you have to factor in the variables to figure your hourly. Don’t get caught up in the how much do I make per sf. Think about how much can I make per hour. That is the number that counts and the Mini with its onboard spray system and available Multii Brush System will help you increase productivity and that’s how you make more money cleaning carpets.

What is the SETT Method?

S.E.T.T. stands for Soil Extraction and Transfer Technology.

Never heard of that term before? Neither has your customer so it opens the door for an exciting low moisture cleaning method with all its benefits for your new customers.

Bonnet Cleaning sounds old school – I use the S.E.T.T. Method which introduces you to a new tool your competition does not have.

What can I clean with the MiniMax?

Residential, commercial, tile and grout, and even a pre-scrub before a top coat of wax on VCT tile. See the MiniMax in action on this very soiled carpet. 

The MiniMax can clean a variety of soiling conditions and allows for many different brushes, bonnets and encapsulation pads to be used.

Unlike OP machines that need a single layer bonnet or a center-stitched bonnet, the MiniMax gives you maximum options.

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